Mind Body Love Challenge FAQs

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our new Mind Body Love 6-week challenge we’ve just launched with Lunden Souza. We officially start on Friday, March 8th – so there’s still time to read the FAQs and then get signed up. Spots are filling up fast so make sure you reserve yours ASAP.

Here are the #MBLChallenge FAQs

Is this challenge only for people in Linz Austria?
es, for now it is because we want to meet in person as well and this is where all the coaches live. If you live a little bit outside of Linz that’s no problem as long as you can make it to our weekly workouts and seminars.Is this Challenge only for weight loss?

Is this Challenge  only for Weight Loss?
No, it’s not just a weight loss challenge. Our Mind Body Love Challenge focuses on getting in the best physical and mental shape of your life and to be comfortable in your own skin. Plus, we will also be giving back to the community and environment (i.e. weekly challenge to clean out your closet for old clothes we can donate & going for a walk to raise money to plant trees). We’re going deeper than just the physical stuff, but you will lose weight and get stronger for sure if that’s your goal.

I am 40 years old – am I too old for this?

It’s NEVER too late to start and you’re never too old to take care of yourself. You must be 18 years old to participate, but everyone is welcome to join us. We’re very experienced in our field and can make adjustments for anyone.

How often will we work out together?

For the entire 6 weeks, there will be 4 weekly workouts. We will 2 of the workouts in person together in Linz on Wednesday evenings @ 18:00 and Saturday mornings at 10:30. Additionally, we will do 2 online workouts via Zoom. You will get a link to join from your computer, phone, iPad, tablet, etc. These online workouts will be LIVE every Monday and Thursday at 6:00. The replay will be sent to everyone via email so you can do the workout later on in the day or in the evening if you want to. But if you want to work out with us LIVE online – you have to wake up early! RISE AND SHINE!

Will I be set on a diet?

We don’t believe in diets. We want to give you all the nutrition facts and basics, so that you can create your own meals and snacks with this information.  You should be able to enjoy your food and make the proper food choices to be the most energized and healthiest version of yourself.

Is this only for women?

This challenge is for both men and women as long as you are at least 18 years old. Grab your friends, your partner, co-workers, etc. and sign up together! This is the perfect challenge to bring in people you know and also get to know new people as well.

Will I get recipes or any food inspiration?

Each of you will get a copy of our cookbook “Klammers Kochgeflüster”. Our recipes are healthy, yummy and based on our nutrition recommendations.

Will the classes and seminars be in English or German?

The main language for this challenge in English but we can be flexible and do it bilingual. If we find that there are many participants who are English-only then we will speak in English. If everyone who registers speaks German, then Carmen & I will do our classes in German. All seminars by Lunden will be done in English but it’s possible that the workouts with Lunden can be done in German if that’s helpful. All of the coaches speak both languages, so don’t worry – we will manage it. If you don’t speak ANY English – we will speak German with you 🙂

What’s exactly included in the price of 297 euros?

  • 24 workouts (4 per week) both online and offline
  • Nutrition seminars
  • Meditation seminars
  • Our Cookbook “Klammers Kochgeflüster”
  • Cooking class at Trisha’s Eatery in Linz
  • 6 weeks of unlimited access to me, Carmen & Lunden (already worth thousands of Euros)
  • Weekly fitness goals
  • Weekly goals to give back to the community and help others and our environment
  • Exclusive access to our Mind Body Love Challenge Facebook Group
  • Accountability, love and support
  • A complete PDF guide


You can book your spot for the Mind Body Love Challenge here! We look forward to working with you. If you have ANY question, please feel free to ask.


Carmen & Jasmin

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