Mind Body Love Challenge

We’re looking for 50 people from the Linz or surrounding areas in Upper Austria to join us for a 6-week Mind Body Love Challenge starting on March 8th!! Let’s get sweaty, set goals, learn more & give back to others.

Your trainers

Jasmin is a Dietitian, trained chef & personal trainer and Carmen is a Nutritionist & trainer. We hosted already tons of Yogabrunches, Fitness classes and personal trainings. We think that nutrition, mindset and sports are the most important things to be the best version of yourself. So we teamed up with Lunden Souza to provide you the ultimative Mind Body Love Challenge.  Lunden has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and she is also the Fitness Coach of Runtastic.  Lunden is a power woman and we are happy and honored to be able to work with her.

The Program

The 3 of us created this program in order to combine our passions for holistic, fit and happy living along with giving back to the community, environment and others. Let’s actually start using our bodies and doing shit that makes a difference for ourselves and for others…what do you say? Here’s what’s planned:

  • 4 workouts per week both in person & online
  • Nutrition seminars
  • Cooking classes
  • cookbook „Klammers Kochgeflüster“
  • Mindset & mediation in person & online
  • Goal setting & manifesting
  • Weekly acts of kindness towards ourself & others
  • Personal and team goals
  • Accountability, love & support
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook group
  • pdf booklet
  • Unlimited access to us & Lunden

**Upper Austria residents ONLY – Starts March 8th**

Why should you sign up?

So if you are asking yourself why you should sign up – then here is your answer.

Being the best version of yourself includes you being comfortable and happy with yourself. We want to help you with your mindset, work out with you to feel fitter and more energized and also we want to give love to other people.

We are so excited to work out with you, to learn some new things and to give back to other people. We have been working on this program for months and can’t wait to kill it with you.  Sign up and be an exclusive member of our Mind Body Love Community and get unlimited access to Lunden and ourselves. No matter how old you are or if you think you might be not as fit as other, this program is for everybody and especially it is for YOURSELF.

Space is limited! Get ready for 6 weeks of workouts, nutrition advices and love! Sign up to feel healthy , fit and  good. You can book & buy your ticket here!

Questions? You will find our FAQs here!




Let’s do this and make 2019 our year.

Jasmin & Carmen


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